Used Gym EquipmentThe time is right for opening a gym in the international tourist destination, Mexico’s Puerto Vallarta, whether as part of a stand-alone facility or as an addition to a resort, condominium development or even a hotel. Or maybe you already own a gym and want to expand your inventory. If so consider Buy and Sell Fitness for Puerto Vallarta used gym equipment—we offer refurbished equipment at reasonable prices. We can provide all of the equipment your customers are looking for such as: Spin Bikes, free weights, Treadmills, Full Gym Circuits, Multigyms, Stairmasters, Upper & Lower Body Strength Machines, Functional Trainers and with exercise machines from name brands such as Stairmaster, Matrix, Precor and Life Fitness and weight machines from makers such as Cybex, Paramount and Hammer Strength.

The reason we can offer such great pricing on our equipment is because the equipment we sell is refurbished. That means we buy equipment that has been used and sold by other gyms, break it down into its basic components and then replace the parts that are worn or don’t work, bringing the machine back to near-new condition. Once it’s been rebuilt, every single piece of equipment goes through a battery of rigorous quality control tests before we sell it. What this all means for you is that you have a great opportunity to buy name-brand equipment that is every bit as good as new, for far less money.

At Buy and Sell Fitness, we also offer the services of our professional staff, people who know how to help owners get their gyms started:from planning, to layout, to choosing which equipment is right for your customers. Our experts can help you build a business that will thrive. We understand the demand in Puerto Vallarta. There are many tourists, such as stopovers from cruise ships, who are looking for a workout during their stay, hoping to prevent an interruption to their normal exercise routine. Meanwhile the demand for exercise options for older people on vacation or immigrant retirees continues to grow, many of who are looking for endurance training on elliptical machines, treadmills and stair climbers. We have all the high-grade equipment you need to help such customers and want to help you succeed.

To learn more about Puerto Vallarta Used Gym Equipment or to arrange for purchase, call Buy and Sell Fitness toll free at our office 800-900-0526 or text us at 407-923-8285—we’ll assign a salesperson to you who will in turn set you up with a team of our experts to help you fill your gym equipment needs.