Used Gym EquipmentObesity rates in Israel are one of the lowest in the world but this does not mean they are fit. Only 20% of Israelis report performing physical activity for 20 minutes, more than 3 times a week. However, interest in Western culture and the push by companies to increase overall wellness by providing incentives to their employees has dramatically increased the growth of gyms and fitness centers. If you’re considering opening your own gym, or just want to refurbish your existing gym, it’s important to find a dealer with a vast selection or quality, Isreal used gym equipment in order to stay competitive in this ever-changing market.

Israel already has a proud tradition of Krav Maga self defense but now younger adults are increasingly interested in obtaining a fit look to attract partners. Adults 40 and over are even showing increased interest in a physically fit lifestyle in order to increase their physical health and life expectancy. High intensity training like Cross-Fit, ZUMBA, and outdoor gyms are becoming more and more popular, and with popularity there is a need for gyms, fitness centers, and quality Israel used gym equipment.

Many people make the decision to get into shape because they want to look more desirable; however, once committed to a healthy lifestyle the appeal is more than just a physical aesthetic. It’s a life-changing decision that will help shape and rebalance your clientele’s life. Once someone truly commits to a physically fit lifestyle, they’ll never stop. Because of this continued dedication to health, your equipment must be maintained and updated to keep your gym-goers happy and loyal.

At Buy and Sell Fitness, we offer top of the line brands and equipment that will keep your gym’s users loyal and intrigued. Each one of our products is thoroughly inspected, refurbished, and then put through a quality control test to ensure it’s in peak condition. We continue to provide the latest and greatest items available on the market so your gym stays modern. Along with contemporary machines and equipment, we also offer the necessities: machines from trusted brands like Stairmaster, Precor, and Life Fitness; as well as a variety of weight machines from brands like Hammer Strength, Paramount, Cybex, and Olympic Iron.

If you’re looking to build or rebuild your arsenal of Israel used gym equipment, look no further than the reliable team at Buy and Sell Fitness. We have all the necessary equipment to fully stock your gym or fitness center. For additional information or to begin your gym’s equipment-furnishing process, call us toll free at 800-900-0526 or text us at 407-923-8285. Your gym’s success starts with us.