Used Gym EquipmentOne of the fastest growing markets for fitness in the Middle-East, as well as the world is Egypt. With more and more young adults wanting rock hard bods, and older Egyptians looking to become healthier and happier, the need for a well-equipped and reliable gym is greater than ever. There is no time like now to jump into this growing industry. To begin or continue your journey within this profitable industry, let Buy and Sell Fitness help you stock your facility with the best Egypt used gym equipment.

Egypt has one of the highest Obesity rates in the world, coming in at number 7. An estimated 2 billion people in this world are considered overweight, 700 million of those are classified as obese or having a BMI or body mass index of 30 or higher. Nearly 56.5 million adults are overweight, that’s roughly 70%! To help quell the obesity problem in one of the world’s most cultured and treasured countries, there is a need to increase the education and availability of workout facilities in the area.

Personal health and committing to a healthy lifestyle is becoming a global norm. Due to this increase in physical health, there is a need to supply the community with fully stocked fitness facilities. Currently, there are over 163,000 fitness clubs and workout facilities worldwide. Egypt alone, supplies 900 gyms and fitness centers for its residents. While that may seem like a lot, it’s miniscule compared to the 87 million people who currently inhabit Egypt–100,000 people can’t share the same gym. In order to start a gym and make it stand out from the crowd, your gym needs the best quality Egypt used gym equipment available on the market.

The United States is one of Egypt’s top 5 import and export destinations so why look anywhere else when stocking your gym with used gym equipment in Egypt? Buy and Sell Fitness is a U.S. operated facility that distributes quality used gym equipment to domestic and international partners. At Buy and Sell Fitness, we offer the most popular and reliable brands on the market. From the latest innovations in cardio machines from Stairmaster, Precor, and Life Fitness; to a variety of weight machines from Hammer Strength, Paramount, Cybex, and Olympic Iron–we have it all.
Our professional and experienced team will work with you to make sure you have everything you need to build a professional gym and fitness club that appeals to the Egyptian masses. We provide the total gym package that will fit your facility’s every need. Buy, sell, or trade with us and your gym will be on its way to a successful and profitable future. Call us toll free at 800-900-0526 or text us at 407-923-8285 to stock your facility today.