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The weight room @ The University of Central Florida is being redone so we are buying the current equipment! We are reselling the equipment for pennies on the dollar! Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Rubber Gym Flooring included!

Over 10,000 sq ft of 1/2″ thick 2’x 2′ rubber flooring tiles $5 dollars each
Double Sided Power Racks $399
Adjustable Benches $150
Olympic Weight Lifting Platforms $100
Adjustable Step Up Boxes $25
Power Lift Lat Pulldown / Low Pulley Row Machine $500
Sorinex Glute Ham Raise / GHDS $399
Hammer Strength Jammers $499
ProStar Plate Loaded Leg Press $850
Rogers Pendulum Way Neck Machine $499
Iron Olympic Plates .50
Rubber Olympic Plates $1/lb
Olympic Benches $300

We have a 10,000 sq ft warehouse full of equipment From Top Brands Like
Cybex Precor Life Fitness Stairmaster Hammer Strength Nautilus Matrix @ More!

Buy & Sell Fitness
1155 Charles St #165
Longwood, FL 32750
adjustable benches Hammer Strength Jammer olympic weight lifting platforms Power lift Lat row 2 prostar 2 Prostar 45 degree leg press rogers pendulum 4 way neck rubber flooring 3 rubber flooring1 rubber flooring2 sorinex GHD

Olympic Plates, Bumper Plates, Gym Mats For Sale In Orlando

Cheap Olympic Plates / Bumper Plates / Olympic Bars / Kettle Bells / Dumbbells Gym Mats On Sale In Longwood!
Come by today – no appointment needed!! Monday – Friday 9am – 530pm

Buy & Sell Fitness
1155 Charles St #165
Longwood, FL 32750

Call or Text 407 923-8285
7′ Olympic Bars: $50
Olympic Curl Bars $40
Kettle Bells: .50 / lb
Iron Olympic Plates: .50/lb
Rubber Dumbbells: $1/lb
Iron Dumbbells: .50/lb
4×6 Gym Mats $20 each
Bumper Plates $1/lb

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Why Apartments Need A Great Fitness Center

Amenities play a major role while choosing a property. In real estate, amenities are features such as location, outlook or access to a park, lake, highway, view, fitness center, which enhance the desirability of real estate and which contribute to the pleasure and enjoyment of the occupants. There is a strong connection between the quality of social infrastructure and the well being of the new residents of any project. Escalating stress levels involved in the professional life along with the inconvenience of travelling, have led to the need for amenities in residential projects and thus the feeling that a home should be more than just a place to arrive after work, a personal environment where you can do what you want and enjoy it in the best possible way.

The Compact 4 Stack Multi-Gym Muscle D Fitness

Gym memberships can be expensive. If you love working out, but hate spending the money on a gym, a fitness center in your apartment building can be a perfect solution.

76% of consumers aged 18-29 are more likely to be doing gym-type activities including fitness classes, indoor group training, yoga, pilates, etc. Gone are the days of small rooms with two treadmills and a bike machine. Today’s renters want to have more studio like fitness areas to align with their fitness interests. While renters previously viewed an on-site fitness center as an additional amenity that they’d  probably not use, many now view it as a necessity. Fitness centers are a great way to attract tenants to your apartment complex, but it shouldn’t be something that you put in just for the sake of having. Providing tenants with a fully equipped, state-of-the-art fitness center will definitely make their pros list when they begin to weigh their options between apartment complexes.


When choosing fitness equipment, match your budget with your personal preferences and your needs. You might be tempted to spend less on residential equipment, but that might come back to bite you if you’re running a gym and want to have equipment that lasts a long time. Knowing the differences between residential and commercial gym equipment can help you save lots of money, time and energy down the road.


Commercial fitness equipment is designed for a commercial fitness setting, like a gym, personal training studio or recreation center. The manufacturers know many people will be using the equipment, and it needs to stand up to the wear and tear. Generally, manufacturers make commercial gym equipment with sturdiness and quality in mind.

The sturdiness of commercial gym equipment is one of its major benefits. Manufacturers such as Life Fitness, Precor, Cybex, Technogym, Matrix, etc. built these machines to last, and you can feel confident they will withstand heavy usage in line with its intended purpose. Commercial gym equipment tends to be on the forefront of fitness technology — like treadmills and ellipticals with personal TVs, MP3 docks and USB ports. They’re not very necessary, but they can pique the interest of potential members. With commercial gym equipment, you can also purchase a variety of equipment in variable configurations that meet the needs of your facility and your members. For example, if you have a smaller fitness facility, you could purchase a multi-gym and cable crossover which offer multiple workouts in compact form.

buy gym equipment orlando

When buying commercial gym equipment, you generally have to call a sales consultant from the company, and he/she will provide you with a quote for the equipment. Most commercial equipment has to be built after it’s purchased, so once you’ve accepted the bid, you can expect to wait anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks to receive the equipment. Buy & Sell Fitness also offers gym equipment repair in the Orlando area.

However, with Buy And Sell Fitness, you can also purchase fully remanufactured commercial gym equipment, save lots of money and get machines delivered to your gym much quicker! These machines will be completely rebuilt to a brand new condition and will LOOK and WORK EXCELLENT! We are also a distributor for New Life Fitness Equipment! For more information and pricing, visit,  Our Showroom In Orlando, Florida or give us a call @ (800) 900-0526.




Home Gym In Orlando Florida

We set up a Home Gym for a residential client in Geneva today. Probably one of the nicest ones we have done for a non commercial client. #wesellgyms #homegym #garagegym

Our customer chose to go with Precor Discovery Series Strength – Need a fitness center for your home? We can help! Contact us for a consultation

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Gym Equipment Orlando | Orlando Fitness Equipment Dealer

Looking for gym equipment in the Orlando, Florida area? Buy & Sell Fitness can help! We have been in business 8 years and provide quality new and used gym equipment for

  • Commercial Gyms
  • Personal Training Studios
  • Hotels / Hospitality
  • Apartments
  • Corporate Fitness Centers
  • Home Gyms
  • & much more

We stock equipment from the top brands like

  • Life Fitness
  • Precor
  • Cybex
  • Hammer Strength
  • Matrix
  • Keiser
  • Nautilus & More

There are many options when it comes to purchasing gym equipment in Orlando, and we pride ourselves on being the #1 Source in Central Florida for commercial fitness equipment.

At Buy & Sell Fitness we understand how difficult and overwhelming it can be when it comes in the purchase of fitness equipment let us assist you by giving you the best recommendations. We have a vast experience in helping our customers locally and around the world in opening their new business or expanding and or upgrading the ones they have. We help them visualize their dreams by creating 3D Layouts and giving them the experience of how their dreams will look with the equipment they want. Not only that we keep you updated on the progress of your equipment by providing you with personalized videos of your equipment.

Buy & Sell Fitness started from a small living room growing in to a company with 15,000 sq ft filled with fitness equipment and ready to supply and cover all your needs in the fitness industry. We are a company large enough to provide you and supply you with the equipment you are looking for and small enough to provide you with the best customer service experience being there from start to finish and beyond that as well.


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Cybex 770T Treadmill w/ E3 Console

Cybex 770T Treadmill w/ E3 Console
$2495 Free Shipping
6 Month Warranty
Cybex 770T Treadmill2


An adjustable, dual-speed fan keeps users cool during the most heated workouts, and longer workouts mean better results. Better results = happier members.


The 770T Treadmill’s CardioTouch allows users to set a Time, Distance, or Calorie goal for their workout. Your members will enjoy reaching their personal fitness goals and Personal Trainers will appreciate being able to constantly set new goals for clients.


Heart rate can be monitored from either the contact grips or hands free from a wireless heart rate transmitter. See it at a glance with a multi-colored LED that displays a different color for specific target heart rate zones.


Knows whether you are there or not and will stop the belt after the pre-selected waiting period helping to keep users safe.

What does ‘Free Shipping’ Include?
Our standard shipping charge is for curbside freight only.   Curbside freight means the machine will arrive fully or partially assembled on a large pallet and will be crated in wood. The trucking company will arrange an appointment to drop it off and will drop it off on the curb/street or driveway depending on access.  The buyer is responsible for taking the crate apart, and bringing the machine inside their home or business.
***This piece will arrive in functional condition and has been serviced, inspected, cleaned and tested. This product will have aesthetic flaws, scratches and scuffs but will arrive ready to use! This product has not been repainted. If you have further questions about what ‘Serviced & Cleaned’ means please contact us at (800) 900-0526! Pictures shown is of a stock Buy & Sell Fitness photo of your product


Cybex / Life Fitness Gym Package
Get a GREAT DEAL on a gym that is closing!! Save 70% off USED pricing! 
Since equipment is sold at a DEEP discount – this is is sold AS IS – TESTED WORKING. No warranty is provided with these units.
Questions? Call or Text (407) 923-8285 . AFTER HOURS IS OK!!
6 Life Fitness 95ti Treadmills
2 Matrix Ellipticals
2 True Ellipticals
2 Life Fitness 95ci Upright Bikes
2 Life Fitness 95ri Recumbent Bikes
1 Matrix Spin Bike
1 Stairmaster Stepper
Cybex High / Low Adjustable Cable Crossover
Freemotion Functional Trainer
Strength Circuit
Hoist Ab Crunch
Cybex VR1 Abductor / Adductor Combo
Cybex VR Seated Leg Curl
Cybex VR Seated Leg Extension
Cybex VR Seated Leg Press
Cybex VR Pec Fly / Rear delt
Cybex VR Chest press
Cybex VR Overhead Shoulder press
Cybex VR Bicep Curl
Cybex VR Tricep press
Cybex VR Lat pulldown
Cybex Smith Machine
Magnum Assisted Chin Dip
Freemotion V-Squat
2 Adjustable Benches
Precor Stretch Trainer
Maxican Back ext
Attachment tree
Free Weights
Power systems aerobic DB’s
Power systems DB’s 5-100
500lbs Olympic Plates

Your Favorite Hero’s Workout Routine

Ever wonder what your favorite Super Heroes  do to get in shape?? Those abs aren’t always CGI! These guy work hard for their movie ready bodies!! VIDEO BELOW

New Items In! Week of: 1/30/17

Open a gym or fitness center in 2017. Add new pieces to your home gym. See what’s in stock at Buy and Sell Fitness!

Jacob’s Ladder

Precor 956i Experience Series Treadmill

Precor EFX 576i Experience Series Elliptical

Technogym Package

Keiser M3+

Star Trac NXT


New Items In Today! 10/17/16

Hammer Strength Smith Machine $2495 Free Shipping

Hammer Strength Squat Rack $1399 Free Shipping

Life Fitness Assisted Chin Dip $1999

Life Fitness Signature Jungle Gym $6999